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Bayden PopupPopper

Take command of your browser... Blast unwanted popups while still allowing them from sites you trust.  Banish unwanted popups forever!  Unlike many other popup-removal programs, PopupPopper contains no spyware and allows you to control what gets popped and what does not.  Try it and you'll never go back to an unprotected browser.

Unlike many competitive popup controllers, PopupPopper is FREEWARE and is not for sale in any form.  That means we never send spam trying to get you to install it. 

My favorite testimonial from a real user: A nice unbloated program, yet so enthusiastically deadly to popups.

Installation Instructions for Bayden PopupPopper

1. Download PopupPopper [English] ( 120Kb ) 
 or Download the Beta
version, which includes the image delete key, LameUI and Right-Click-Allow features.

    [Other languages: Español | Francais | Italiano | Deutsch | Português | Svenska | Dutch | Danish ]

2. If you already had an older version of PopupPopper installed, remove it using the Add/Remove programs applet and reboot.
3. Run the PopupPopperSetup installer.
4. Close and restart Internet Explorer.
5. If you see any popups after that, you probably have adware on your PC.  See

Note: During setup, you may be prompted to download some additional files. (Why?)

Requires Internet Explorer 5.01+ and 1mb of disk space.

Feb 2 2005: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 is now available, and includes a popup blocker and new features like tabs.  Get it here:

Sept 1 2004: Note: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes a built-in popup controller.  It can catch the sneakiest of popups, those which use ShowModelessDialog().  If you have Windows XP, we strongly recommend you visit today to install the free upgrade to SP2.  If you'd like, you can disable SP2's blocker and use PopupPopper, but you should still install SP2 to help secure your PC.  Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test to see if it's working?

If you're running version 2.0 or later, click here.

If you're running an older version, check the online help for more info.

Where can I find more answers?

Check out the online help.

Version History

NEW Version 2.1 BETA - September 14, 2003

  • Popups automatically allowed if the right mouse button is down.

  • You can hit the DELETE key over a graphic to delete it from the page.

  • You can now disable the bright red/green UI.  Learn more...

Version 2.0 BETA - June 2003

  • "ClickAllow" feature autodetects when you've clicked a link and allows one popup.

Version 1.5 - April 9, 2003

  • Cursor now momentarily changes to indicate a popup has been blocked.  To disable this feature, click here.

Version 1.3b - September 15, 2002

  • Fixed installer to set BrowseNewProcess="yes".  This was due to a GREAT tip from a user.  Thanks!

  • If PopupPopper is working for you, no need to upgrade. 

Version 1.3 - September 9, 2002

  • Fixed regression where most popups on window close were allowed through

  • Fixed problem where first popup was usually allowed through

  • Fixed problem where if you allowed popups while shift was down, code might mistakenly think shift was down even if you'd released it.


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