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Mezer Tools ChangeList

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v2.3.4 - May 17 2021 - Show capture size when hovering window for screenshot

v2.3.3 - May 26 2020 - Increase font size, enhance color picker

v2.3.2 - Oct 10 2019 - Add Timer; update clipboard length automatically

v2.3.1 - Jan 23 2019 - Various improvements
v2.2.6 - Feb 4 2016 - Improve compression, include default stamp
v2.2.4 - March 6 2014 - Enable user to type HTML color code in text box
v2.2.2 - Oct 18 2013 - Character lookup; prompt for filename on save snapshot to desktop; hover refreshes clipboard text length
v2.2.1 - Oct 1 2013 - Zoom lens evades cursor
v2.2- Sept 27 2013 - Allow calipers to grow larger than screen, add color picker dialog, update alternate hotkeys for Win8, add save-PNG-to-Desktop, add "setSize" to calipers
v2.1.5- 6-15-11 Fix regression introduced in v2.1.3; updated version will again run properly on Windows XP
v2.1.4- 3-16-11 Screencap cursor positioning fixes, high-dpi fixes
v2.1.1- 12-22-10 Allow custom .PNG stamp, allow resizing calipers from the left, add CTRL+C hotkey to copy caliper width
v2.1- 11-10-10 Allow custom stamp and draw color, fix cursor image corruption
v2.0.5.0- 1-27-10 Enable DEP/NX+ASLR. Update copyright.
v2.0.4.1- 2-20-09 Update hex-converter to support negative numbers; fix hidden cliptextlength popup message
v2.0.4 - 12-12-08 Fix crash in clipboard-copy code due to move to Unicode; Minor UI improvements
v2.0.3 - 9-22-08 Minor UI improvements
v2.0.2 - 9-15-08 Fixed memory leaks; improved Vista glass


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