What is it?

Essentially, it is a nice, Delphi-friendly wrapper around the IProgressDialog interface.  You know the one...

You can choose the text for all of the fields, control the progress meter, and set the CommonAVI.  An OnCancel event handler allows you to gracefully deal with user-cancellations.


    Delphi 5/6 (4Kb)

To install, simply copy ProgressDialog.PAS and ProgressDialog.DCR to a convenient place (e.g. \Delphi\LIB) and then choose the Component | Install Component menu option in Delphi.

Why Free?

I figured I'd sell it (and buy my partner something nice for putting up with my late hours ;-) but she said that I should just give it away. 

But, if you'd like to donate to keep things moving, it's painless. Just click here.

Feedback and Future Enhancements

none planned.


    None known.  Yet

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