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Lightweight Web Penetration Testing


TamperIE is a simple Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object which allows lightweight tampering of HTTP requests from Internet Explorer 5 and above.

WARNING: This tool makes it simple to do very bad things to poorly-written code.  Malicious use of this tool against third-parties is a violation of federal, state, and local laws.  Be smart.

TamperIE is a useful tool for security testing your web applications, in order to ensure you don't make foolish assumptions about the data sent by client browsers.  Since the tool exposes and allows tampering with otherwise inconvenient input, many user-input security flaws immediately become apparent.

TamperIE works inside IE itself, before data is placed on the wire; this means that it works fine even against HTTPS-secured sites. 

Need more power? You might find the Fiddler HTTP Debugging Proxy more powerful, as it supports an automated scripting engine, and can modify any part of any request or response.


 Download TamperIE (232kb)

Note: During setup, you may be prompted to download some additional files. (Why?)

System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Internet Explorer 5.01+
32 mb memory
2 mb disk space

Tutorial & Screenshots

You can learn more by viewing the TamperIE Tutorial.

Control Panel UI TamperIE UI

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