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SlickRun Updates

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v4.5.1.0 (6 Nov 2023)
+ Add %gmt-#% option to show multiple time zones
Default to HTTPS
Various fixes

v4.4.9.3 (29 Aug 2020)
+ Add Ctrl+F as Find hotkey in Jot
+ Fix restoration of hotkeys with non-letter characters after restart

v4.4.9.2 (7 July 2020)
+ Add $SRPATH$ variable to allow SlickRun program-folder-relative invocations

v4.4.9.1 (20 May 2020)
+ Set UI font size to 10pt
+ Store command history every 10 minutes

v4.4.9.0 (7 Apr 2020)
+ Allow hotkeys with non-letter characters
+ Change %days% macro without year to always refer to the future

v4.4.8.4 (18 Nov 2019)
+ Fix customer-reported bugs

v4.4.8.3 (8 Nov 2019)
+ Add [Calendar]WeekAdjust preference in INI file to adjust week numbers
+ Add %ts% token to show Terminal Server SessionID
+ Enable advance notice for hourly chime.

v4.4.8.2 (Fall? 2019)
+ Add richer format string editor
+ Add @copy@ command to enable copying Unicode content to clipboard
Use @copy@ with a parameter of file:filename.txt or file:filename.rtf to copy the file's contents.
Show QuickInfo/IdleText time/date/mem/batt/etc in Task Tray icon tooltip

v4.4.8.1 (9 August 2019)
+ Support emoji in idle text
+ Add countdown/countup idletext token; e.g. %days:12/25% shows the # of days til Christmas
+ Fix date calculation bug in CAL window

v4.4.8.0 (7 August 2019)
+ Add Cuckoo flash/chime
+ Enable configurable colors for clipboard flash

v4.4.7.0 (26 July 2019)
+ Add %username% token
+ Support -new command line argument to allow multiple instances. WARNING: Must use RunAs.exe to run the new instance as a different user or data loss will occur!

v4.4.6.3 (12 July 2019)
+ Flash blue each time the system clipboard is updated.

v4.4.6.2 (1 May 2019)
+ Add SHIFT+Alt+F for "Find anywhere in MagicWord/History (vs. Alt+F which does prefix searches)
+ Scroll Library search match into view

v4.4.6.1 (22 Feb 2019)
+ Add CTRL+K to expand environment variables
+ Alt+M with no input shows magicword list
+ Modernize default MagicWord pack

v4.4.5.1 (2 Jan 2019)
+ @CALENDAR@ macro accepts optional date parameter

v4.4.4.1 (29 Nov 2018)
+ Offer %cpu% token on idle display
+ Add .co,.ly,.ms,.dev to known TLDs

v4.4.3.0 (16 Oct 2018)
+ Add Week Number option on Calendar Context menu
+ Offer WK-1 token on idle display
+ Add Windows10 Manifest
+ Add .io,.jp,.de to known TLDs

v4.4.2.1 (11 Oct 2018)
+ Update Environment block on WM_SETTINGCHANGE (SlickRun-launched apps get updated %PATH%)

v4.4.0.0 (16 Feb 2017)
+ Add calendar to context-menu and @calendar@
+ Add CTRL+/ and CTRL+\ to swap slashes

v4.3.3.0 (25 Jan 2016)
+ Offer %doy% (day of year) token on idle display
+ Fix bug with quotes in date/time formats
+ If hotkey registration fails, add SHIFT and retry
+ Allow fonts up to 144px tall

v4.3.2.0 (16 Dec 2015)
+ Improve load time of MagicWord Library by 7500%
+ Allow huge magicword lists (Sum(Length(MagicWord.Names))) >32kb
+ Add UseUTF8 Option to [General] Section of INI file

v4.3.1.0 (30 Oct 2015)
+ Fix handling of AltGr on European keyboards
+ Correct handling of text drag/drop to SlickRun

v4.3.0.0 (30 Jul 2015)
+ CTRL+ALT+SHIFT to run as a different user
+ Add dropdown to MagicWord to select user to run as

v4.2.5.4 (4 Dec 2014)
+ Enable CTRL+L, CTRL+U, and CTRL+I text-casing methods in Jot
+ Various bugfixes

v4.2.5.3 (26 Sep 2014)
+ Fix crash when drag/drop text to SlickRun
+ Release synchronized 32bit & 64bit builds

v4.2.5.2 (12 Sep 2014)
+ Several 64-bit bugfixes
+ Support for 0x hexadecimal notation in calculator (e.g. type =0x123*0x456 )

v4.2.5.0 (12 Sep 2014)
+ 64-bit version

v4.2.1.0 (1 Feb 2014)
+ Windows 8+ Compatibility improvements
+ Fix for Chrome launch
+ Various bugfixes

v4.2.0.1 BETA (21 Oct 2013)
+ Windows 8+ Compatibility improvements
+ MagicWords track their usage count
+ Various bugfixes

v4.1.4.0 BETA (18 Apr 2011)
+ ESC in JOT activates last active window
+ SlickRun restarts using Restart Manager
+ Jot filename can be set using HKCU\Software\Bayden Systems\SlickRun\JotFilename a REG_SZ
+ Various bugfixes

v4.1.0.1 BETA (12 Oct 2010)
+ Fix drag/drop of files to properly quote paths
+ Fix SLUG loading code to not blow up SlickRun if module load fails
+ Fix pickup of URLs from IE9
+ If user hits CTRL+C while in MATH mode, copy the result to the clipboard
+ Prevent polluting Win7 taskbar if user clicks notifyicon while hidden
+ Add GrabWinSpace preference and simplify GrabWinR preference
+ Add Settings.DefaultShowType preference;
+ Recompiled using DelphiXE

v4.0.5.1 (12 May 2010)
+ Improved support of x64
+ Various autocompletion glitches fixed
+ Filtered history matching on up-arrow when partial string was typed
+ Don't prompt to edit MagicWord if user declines to Elevate when launching a MagicWord

v4.0.2.1 (2 Jun 2009)
+ Added Unicode support for Jot, history, autocomplete, $W$, etc
+ Enhanced UI with visual styles
+ Added Windows Vista/Windows 7 manifest
+ Filename autocompletion prefers .exe files
+ First Run sets smarter defaults (bigger fonts, memory usage, etc)
+ Initial setup backs up installing user's configuration
+ Port to Delphi 2009

v3.9.8.3 (21 Mar 2007)
+ Fixed text on Elevation checkbox during MagicWord creation
+ Reduced debug spew in ship build

v3.9.8.2 Beta (14 Mar 2007)
+ Enabled RunAs support to enable elevation on Vista.  Use CTRL+Shift+Enter or use the checkbox during MagicWord creation
+ Added %pcname% macro for Date/Time display
+ Added $D$ macro for MagicWords; $D$ is replaced with the drive that SlickRun is running from.  Very useful when running SlickRun for Flash drives.
+ Minor performance improvement in MagicWord execution
+ Updated SETUP > About tab

v3.9.8.1 (2 Mar 2007)
+ Fix for loss of MagicWords on Shutdown when an "empty" MagicWord was in library
+ Fix for crash on shutdown on Vista
+ New [GENERAL] option named AggressiveShowWindow.  Set to 0 to try to prevent compat problems with other aggressive applications.
+ New [GENERAL] option named AggressiveStayOnTop.  Set to 0 to prevent SlickRun from pushing itself topmost on every timer tick.

v3.9.2 Beta (16 Dec 2005)
+ Autocomplete of filenames as parameters to MagicWords
+ Hit CTRL+F or CTRL+I to insert filename(s) in command line
+ ESC (or ESC,ESC) activates last active window instead of no window
+ Added SmartPaste (trims pasted text, removes crlf,etc)
+ Prompt before "Undo changes" in Jot
+ _STARTUP MagicWord executes on startup
+ _DISPLAYCHANGE MagicWord executes on display resolution change
+ New NoMouseActivation setting in [General] section of SlickRun.ini for those who don't want to be able to Activate Slickrun via click

v3.5.3 Ship (17 Jan 2005)
+ Assorted bugfixes.
+ Shift+Enter to execute command without storing in history
+ Updated web-based docs

v3.4.2 Ship (20 Sept 2004)
+ Ctrl+D or CTRL+T in Jot inserts datetime.
+ Comma-Aliases added (e.g. a MagicWord named: SLEEP,STANDBY allows you to use either sleep or standby to run the word
+ @HIBERNATE@ added
+ Control Autocomplete using SETUP--can disable autocomplete of History, MagicWords, Filesystem, or Intrinsics(e.g. ADD,SETUP, etc)
+ HideTrayIcon, ChaseCursor options added to SETUP
+ Better delimiter detection
+ Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right hooked up to mimic TAB, SHIFT+Tab
+ Ctrl+Space no longer beeps
+ Ctrl+Enter now clears after running browser
+ Updated web-based docs

v3.3.1 Ship (31 Aug 2004)
+ Major bugfix to handle extended (Norwegian/German/Swedish/etc) characters
+ Added inline calculator (type =32*32 and see what happens :-)
+ Updated SAVEPOS to save width.
+ Fix to help ensure settings saved during windows shutdown

v3.2.3 Ship (25 Jun 2004)
+ Fixed shortcut menu bugs (Help, Jot were broken)
+ Ctrl+Delete deletes one history item; ctrl+shift+delete deletes all history.
+ New Experimental option in SlickRun.ini (Close SlickRun, edit file, restart SlickRun to see change):

  • GrabWinR  Set to 1 if you want SlickRun to get focus on Win+R.  Must have Windows2000+ and must have (Win+something) as the standard hotkey

v3.2.2 beta (12 Apr 2004)
+ If you import a MagicWord twice, it updates instead of duplicating
+ Import/Export is faster.  Fixed HTML Export bug introduced in beta 3.2.1
+ Temporary fade in for Ghost mode
+ When using $W$ or $I$ in MagicWords, if the NOTES field isn't blank for the MW, its contents are shown in the Dynamic input window
+ If you pass SR.EXE a MagicWord when launching it, SlickRun will execute the MagicWord.  Useful if you want to launch MagicWords from a Windows command prompt.
+ New SAVEPOS intrinsic MagicWord replaces the old GOHOME MagicWord
+ Experimental options in SlickRun.ini (Close SlickRun, edit file, restart SlickRun to see change):

  • ChaseCursor  Set to 1 if you want SlickRun Command Line to jump to mouse when Win+Q is hit

  • ShowTrayIcon Set to 0 if you want SlickRun to hide tasktray icon while minimized

+ Assorted minor bugfixes

v3.2.1 beta (5 Apr 2004)
+ Windows 98 bug fix; SlickRun would refuse focus
+ Incremental Find in Jot
+ Dropper will now pickup urls from IE
+ Assorted minor bugfixes

v3.1.1 beta(29 Mar 2004)
+ AutoComplete on _
+ Pauses in Multi; just insert multiple @ signs between commands.  One second pause for each
+ F1 runs help
+ Alt+F4 ignored by popular request
+ Jot adopts CMD line font size.
+ SHIFT+TAB should go back one delimiter in autocomplete
+ Hide added to context menu

v3.04 (3 Feb 2004)
+ Ensures visible when user hits Win+Q
+ Prettier dialog fades
+ CTRL+Enter for auto-web URLs
+ Lowercased Magicwords
+ CTRL+A to select all Jot
+ Fixed GOHOME bug
+ Fixed ancient bug where SlickRun appeared active, but wasn't due to a system menu
+ Assorted Minor bugfixes

v3.0 (19 Dec 2003)
+ Permit black text in Ghost mode.
+ Date and time format boxes now accept blank.
+ Middle mouse button should ENTER.
+ @STANDBY@ command
+ Corner should find nearest corner to corner and dock
+ Removed defunct TESTSLUG command
+ Allows running of "unknown" filetypes
+ Fixed Autocomplete for keypad #s
+ Shortcut editing: List item fields not trimmed correctly
+ Allow SPACEBAR in Hotkey.
+ New Option: Remove SlickRun from ALT+TAB list
+ No longer forces on top while SCREENSAVER is running
+ Fixed up some stupid behavior with multimon

+ Allow custom date formats
+ Enabled drag and drop files to the Setup screen
+ Set focus correctly on file drop
+ Enable URL drop from IE addressbar
+ GHOST mode - enables background to be transparent when idle
+ Significantly improved loading time for large shortcut libraries on some systems
+ Enable SHIFT+Click on Cancel button on MagicWord editing screen to delete
+ Build in MagicWords - including a sample multi-word

+ Open .SRL option
+ Hide Opacity options for 98/ME
+ Removed bogus Mail Counter color picker
+ Add Date/Time Formatter
+ Add hints to MagicWord Editor
+ Increased refresh rate to 500ms
+ Replaced "Shortcut" with "MagicWord" in a few places
+ Better "on top" support when sitting atop taskbar.
+ Fix Win98 Configure Sounds issue

 + Slight tweak to change default time format to 12 hour clock. 
 + Slight tweak to scaling behavior for large fonts.
 + Slight tweak to make checkmark button green.

 + Slight tweak to allow hiding the tray icon when in HIDE mode. Under [General] set ShowTrayIcon=0
 + Slight tweak to behavior on resolution changes.  

 + Added support for %ENVIRONMENTVARIABLES%
 + Fixed TAB key to jump to next delimiter \ / or space
 + Use command font for info tags (good for high res screens)
 + Fixed JOT so that it stays on top and gets focus when Win+J is pressed.
 + Added color coding around MagicWord title box on editor, it is red when an overlapping keycombo is found

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