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Bayden PopLock

Bayden PopLock is a simple, tiny, barebones, GUI-free tool for controlling popups in Internet Explorer.  If you want a richer tool with whitelists/blacklists, and a UI, see PopupPopper. PopLock is about 30Kb.

PopLock is FREEWARE and contains NO SPYWARE.

Setup Instructions

1. Download PopLock ( 56Kb )
2. Close and restart Internet Explorer

Requires Internet Explorer 5.01+

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I block popups?

Simply ensure that ScrollLock is turned off and you're not pressing SHIFT or CTRL.  All Popups from Internet Explorer will get zapped.

What if I want a popup?

Turn on ScrollLock or tap CTRL or SHIFT while clicking on something that generates the Popup.

Can I change or remove the "pop" sound?

Yes.  Use the Sounds applet in the System Control Panel.

I'd like to create a "white list" of sites permitted to use popups.

Install PopupPopper instead.

PopupPopper is so much cooler than PopLock!  Why would I want to use PopLock instead?

PopLock is smaller, does not require the Delphi runtime, and doesn't ever bother you by asking permission.  It's for the no-nonsense popup haters out there.

Popups aren't blocked when generated by Kazaa, Morpheus, spyware, etc.

See the appropriate section in the help for PopupPopper.

How can I test to see if it's working?

Click here.  If a popup appears, PopLock is not installed properly. Check the online help for more info.

How can I check what version is installed?

Get version information.

Version History

Version 1.02 - April 15, 2003

  • Removed dependency on VS7 runtime .DLLs

  • Auto-allow popups generated by Outlook Express, MS Messenger, etc.

  • Allow popups from the IE context menu "Open in new window"

Version 1.0 - April 4, 2003

  • Initial Release

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